How about becoming a Sponsor of the Tarra Festival?

The Tarra Festival has been postponed to 2023

Due to the difficulty of Vax Checking spectators and participants within the event space for the parade, we have decided to postpone the Tarra Festival for a further year. The plan is to hold our 50th celebrations in 2023.

Thank you for considering sponsorship of the 2023 Tarra Festival. As I’m sure you’re aware the Tarra Festival is an institution in Yarram having a 48 year pedigree and being, on a per capita basis, one of the most successful in Victoria.

It is vital to the area’s economic wellbeing with in excess of 99,000 vehicles passing through the main street over the Easter break and generating some $2.7 million in direct revenue to the area, double any other time of the year. Estimates are that, in addition to over 3,000 locals, the Tarra Festival attracts around 2,700 friends and relatives staying in private accommodation, 3,100 tourists staying in paid accommodation and 4,000 day trippers predominately from within the Wellington & Sth Gippsland Shire areas. These visitors not only contribute immediately to the town’s economy but also build awareness of the region and future visitation through their positive experiences.

Perhaps more important than the economic benefits, the Tarra Festival is vital to the town’s social wellbeing as it is a time when family & friends return to Yarram to reconnect and spend time together, particularly with parents & grandparents. It reduces social isolation and being strategically positioned after the end of the Total Fire Bans & before Autumn calving starts, it brings all elements of the area together in a celebration of resilience, unity and hope for the future. At no time has this been more critical than now with the Bushfires being experienced in Australia, directly impacting the family & friends of many residents, tourism and of course the quality of life with hazardous levels of smoke. The town, our friends and families and our neighbours need this celebration of hope and unity!

Tarra Festival events run from the Wednesday prior to Easter through to Easter Monday with some 40 events run by local community groups and the Tarra Festival Committee itself. We start with an Authors Talk, Good Friday features a range of Sporting & Recreation events, Saturday is focussed on Yarram township with the traditional Street Parade (with some 9,5000 people lining the street and participating in the parade), street markets and Lions Family Fun Day at the Recreation Reserve as well as a variety of community events. On Sunday, in addition to the community group events, we have a major Port Albert focus where townsfolk from the region move down there for a day of fun entertainment in the park, markets, a wellbeing expo and finally in the evening the Kaleidoscope Fire & Light Festival with Fireworks over the water, last year watched by some 6,000 people. Monday’s focus is the Monster Markets and RockWiz, though there are also a variety of other community activities happening too. Across the whole weekend we have the renowned Rotary Art Show as well as exhibitions at the Courthouse Gallery, Historical Society, Family History & Genealogy and others.
In addition this year we are seeking funding to add teen events , something which hasn’t been done before but which the community has indicated is needed.

Next year we will also be introducing new initiatives to increase inclusion. We will be producing Sensory Kits & Pods to allow children (and adults) on the autism spectrum to participate in the festival and fireworks. We will also by inviting micro-small businesses from Wellington Shire to sell their goods at a “Buy Local” market on Saturday and at the Port Albert & Monday Monster markets on Sunday & Monday. 

The Tarra festival hosts many free events and we are looking at ways of being able to bring fire affected victims into town. Hopefully they will be able to have a break and enjoy events and the community spirit, lifting their mental health.

As I’m sure you are well aware, this has been a difficult year for local businesses in Yarram & surrounds and this has had a significant effect on sponsorship revenue for the Tarra Festival Local businesses have always been strong supporters of the Tarra Festival but being impacted themselves by the drought, tough economic conditions, the flow-on impact of the bushfires and their own generosity in supporting bushfire recovery, many are simply not in a position to support the festival. They also now need the help of larger businesses in the region and beyond to support the Tarra Festival and help ensure its economic and social viability as it is so important to their prosperity.

We are currently seeking another Main Sponsor ($5000), Major Sponsors at $2500+ and Regional Sponsors at $1500 as a matter of some urgency. Of course we would be thrilled if you could consider one of these sponsorship packages but we would also be grateful for any sponsorship you could offer. The benefits offered to sponsors are listed below but in truth we are prepared to accommodate pretty much any reasonable requests and would work diligently to ensure you received as much exposure as possible. Our recommendation for sponsors is to add a float, staff walk or giveaway into the parade and to integrate your business and staff into the event. You are also welcome to setup a stall or information stand in nominated areas on the parade route. That all provides the best visibility for your sponsorship in addition to inclusion in all our marketing.


Main Sponsor – 5,000+ Logo on all banners, signs & promotional materials. Priority positioning of any entry into the street parade if you choose to enter one, up to a 1/2 page ad in our programme, the right to position banners or posters at events if you produce them, an acknowledgment in programmes, media etc. Social Media and web acknowledgement. If you like, set-up a marque on Commercial Rd during the parade or on Sunday in Port Albert to promote your business and sell from there too if you wish. We’re open to other benefits if you can think of them.

Major Sponsor – $2,500+ Logo on programme banners & posters, Logo on programme brochure & ads, acknowledgement on sponsor boards, priority positioning of your float or entry into the street parade. Social Media, mainstream media and web acknowledgment. Verbal mentions by commentators during parade commentary.

Regional Sponsor – $1,500+ Logo on programme brochure, sponsor board and sponsor thank you ad. Text acknowledgement on programme posters. Priority promotion of any event you are running or separately sponsoring during the Tarra Festival.

Local Business Sponsor – $250+ Text acknowledgement on programme, Sponsor Board, sponsor acknowledgement ads and posters.

Get involved in other ways

Participate in the Parade – The street parade on Saturday is always a key feature of the Tarra Festival each year and we’d love you to be a part. Decorate & enter a float, . Enter an old or significant car, Tank, military vehicle or anything with a wheel (eg unicycle). Lead your horse or ride your horse & buggy, donkey or bullocks. Lead (or ride) an alpaca, camel or anything else with legs (cows may be permitted with Shire /VicRoads agreement). Drive your mobility scooter, wheel a pram, or just walk as a group.

Run an Event We’re always on the look-out for new events. This year, in particular, we’d like to see as many of the areas sports, recreation & fitness groups involved in some way on Friday – though any other day is fine too.

CONTACT US If you can help us with sponsorship or equipment, are interested in participating in the parade, please contact Kim Hatton on 0434242567, kim@tarrafestival.com.au 

Expression of Interest in Sponsorship