Street Parade



Street Parade

Parade assembly

School floats, community groups, vintage cars, trackless trains, horses & Tank plus this year we will see the return of large animals to the parade with Sheep, Goats, calves etc.

Entering the Parade

Entry in the parade is open to anyone.  The rules are fairly straightforward and detailed on the entry form

  • Children can walk or be on a truck/float but if they’re on a float/truck they can’t be hanging over the edges and they must not be able to fall off
  • Vehicles must travel a max of 4 kms/ph in the parade and the drivers of any floats/vehicles must be licensed  (note this does not apply to kids bikes, trikes, ride-ons or similar which normally would not go on a road but the children must be supervised)
  • Horses can be led or pull a carriage (defined really as anything with a wheel).  Horses being ridden can be included in the parade if it is part of an organised group or if the operator has their own public liability insurance.  We can get coverage for horse riders in other circumstances if we have notice.
  • Other animals can be led in the parade or carried in a vehicle providing this is in a manner which is safe for the animal.  Any animal being led must be capable of being controlled by the person leading it and experienced in crowds.

We’re open to pretty much anything else providing it doesn’t involve things which are too risky, we just need notice to check on anything which is a bit questionable.

The parade is covered under the Tarra Festival Committee’s Public Liability Insurance. Accidents and bingles with vehicles which normally fall under Third Party Insurance comes under you own insurance in that respect as you can’t double insure.

All parade entrants assemble at the top of Commercial Rd near the hospital and Apex handle the marshalling.  Download an entry form and hand it in on the day.

The Anglican Church is open for toilets, tea, coffee and breakfast.


or fill out online  Enter the Tarra Festival Parade